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About PrivatProjekt

PrivatProjekt was founded in 2013 in Hamburg by Michel Reckhard and was quickly completed by Jens Salsa and Alexander Precht. From the beginning, the aim was to work with different artists and make the music that you like to hear yourself.

The first two albums "Roundtrip" (2014) and "LayOver" (2016) were the beginning of our journey and a bit cross-genre with some House , R&B and Chill gems. After some Gigs and many discussions,  it turned out that it doesn´t always fit. And so, many Members left the band to devote themselves to their own projects and their kind of music.


"We withdrew and focused on what characterizes the music of the band and what we really wanted. We didn't want to discuss , we didn't want to follow the mainstream, we want to make our music!!"


This required fresh and enthusiastic talents. After a long search we were able to inspire new members for us. The joint development of the new formation resulted in the third album "Welcome", and is much more pure and straightforward and combines soul, funk, philly and disco and is exactly the music that defines the band.

Our "newcomers" brought many of their own ideas and their extraordinary talents into the productions, which you can hear very clearly. The name of the album also symbolizes that we warmly welcome all listeners to our music and is actually something like a new beginning. The band logo was also redesigned for today's formation and the final direction.

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